Being a GAME CHANGER, is always in season! 

Ready to be a GameChanger? Let’s Get Started!

Select a season! This will be the period of time when you will track your activity and raise funds.

If the season dates don’t match perfectly, don’t worry! You don’t have to track your activity for all of the dates listed. The most important thing to look at is the END date for each season. That’s when you will wrap up your activity tracking.

For example, are you are a baseball player who plays June through August? Then you’ll choose the Summer Campaign.

Are you tracking how many hours you practice piano? Choose any season you’d like, but pay attention to the END date. That’s when you will wrap up your tracking and your campaign will close.

Fall 2024

START DATE:  9/1/24
END DATE:  1/1/25

Winter 2025

START DATE: 11/1/24
END DATE: 4/1/25

Spring 2025

START DATE: 3/1/25
END DATE: 6/1/25

Summer 2024

START DATE: 5/1/24
END DATE: 9/1/24