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Action That Saves Lives

Count the Kicks was created by five Iowa moms who each experienced the pain of losing a child to stillbirth or infant death. They channeled their grief into action to prevent other families from enduring the tragedy of stillbirth.

The Count the Kicks program, which began in Iowa in 2008, was created based on public health research in Norway that showed a 30% reduction in stillbirths when expectant parents were educated on paying attention to their baby’s movements in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Countless babies have been saved thanks to the doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics who have shared the Count the Kicks method to expectant parents around the U.S. Parents around the world also use the free Count the Kicks app, which is available in 16 languages and has been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

But there’s more to do. Data shows a disproportionate number of babies are born still to Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Black, and American Indian or Alaska Native families. Count the Kicks has an intentional focus to reduce the racial disparities affecting Black, Brown, Asian and Indigenous expectant parents and their pregnancies. By making movement monitoring a common practice, and reaching those families most at risk, we can empower parents, save babies and prevent heartache.

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