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At Every Kick Counts, student athletes learn to give back to their communities through Count the Kicks—a public health campaign teaching expectant parents the importance of monitoring their babies’ movements (and kicks!).

You heard that right—Every Kick Counts, even before we are born. Count the Kicks has helped save babies in 36 states and 5 countries.

So how does it work? Athletes who sign up support Count the Kicks by collecting pledges for every score, punt, kick or success they have in their game. Every time they succeed, they raise money and save lives. Bragging rights just got an upgrade.

Kick for a Cause

Want to be one of us? Join our team of athletes committed to turning their stats on the field into wins for their community. Help us save babies and raise money every time you succeed. Plus, you’ll beef up your resume and earn rewards for participating in challenges throughout the season.


Not an athlete? How about supporting one! Make pledges based on the points your athlete scores, yards they kick or just make a flat donation. Family, friends, fans, this is a great way to show your athlete, and Every Kick Counts, your support. Let’s all pitch in to help babies arrive safe and healthy.

By the Numbers

Every athlete that joins us, every sponsor, every donation and every—well—kick, all work toward helping Count the Kicks. And in turn, saving babies’ lives.

Here’s why that’s so important:


number of pregnancies that end in stillbirth


number of pregnancies among Black women that end in stillbirth


decrease in Iowa’s stillbirth rate during the first decade of Count the Kicks

Emily Price, Executive Director Count the Kicks/Healthy Birth Day

"I am deeply grateful for the Every Kick Counts athletes. Your efforts will save lives. My son was born safely because I knew to pay attention to his kicks before he was born. As an Every Kick Counts athlete, the funds you raise will help ensure other parents like me have access to the same, life-saving information."

Emily Price

 - CEO, Count the Kicks/Healthy Birth Day, Inc.

Will Safris, Johnston High School Football Player

"As a high school athlete, I am excited to participate in Every Kick Counts because I know that it will make a difference. My parents lost my sister, Emma, before I was born, and I have experienced the impact on our family. I don’t want other families to go through what we did. It feels good knowing my kicks on the field do more than just help my team. I can help save lives."

Will Safris

 - Johnston High School Football Player

Tory Taylor, Punter, University of Iowa Hawkeyes

"Imagine being out on the field and knowing that that punt or kick you just made didn’t just help your team, it helped save lives. I can tell you from personal experience…there is no better feeling than knowing your performance had an impact even bigger than a football game. I hope every athlete out there commits to making a difference through Every Kick Counts."

Tory Taylor

 - Punter, University of Iowa Hawkeyes

Keith Duncan, Consensus All-American

"During my time as a placekicker for the Iowa Hawkeyes, my coaches often reminded me that Every Kick Counts. They also taught me the importance of giving back. Through Every Kick Counts, I am excited for the next generation of kickers and punters to leverage their performance on the field to make a life-saving difference in their communities."

Keith Duncan

 - University of Iowa Concensus All-American Placekicker

Matt Haack, Punter, Buffalo Bills

"By participating in Every Kick Counts, athletes can turn their competitive drive into a win for something even bigger than the game. I love that with Every Kick Counts we can do our jobs as athletes on the football field, and also know we are supporting a life-saving cause in Count the Kicks. It’s really a win-win."

Matt Haack

 - NFL Punter

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