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Game Changer

Change the game for your community. Artists, athletes, musicians and scholars are becoming GameChangers for a life-saving cause called Count the Kicks. Collect pledges for every milestone you achieve — like the number of home-runs in a season, hours practiced at violin, or goals you score in soccer. As you reach your goals, you will be helping more babies get here safely!

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Become a GameChanger.

Identify Your Strengths.

Decide how you want to raise funds. Your supporters can donate based on how many points you score. Or how many balls you catch. Maybe they donate for every ace you serve or song you perform. Identify what motivates you and start spreading the word.


It only takes a few minutes to start a GameChangers fundraiser. You can join an existing team, create your own team, or fundraise as an individual.

Reach Out.

Family, friends, teachers, coaches, they live for moments like this. They love supporting causes (and people) they believe in. For a cause this worthy, people will give generously.

Change the Game for Thousands of Families.

Join your fellow athletes and artists by doing more good for your community! The funds you raise support Count the Kicks—a public health program teaching expectant parents the importance of monitoring their babies’ movements in the third trimester of pregnancy. Their FREE pregnancy app makes it easy for expectant parents to get to know what’s normal for their baby. It also helps them feel empowered to speak up if their baby’s movements ever change.

Our Goal: Save 7,500 Babies in the U.S. Every Year.

Our vision is to replicate the success of Count the Kicks in all 50 states, which would save 7,500 babies every year. The money raised by GameChangers helps reach more expectant parents and providers with vital Count the Kicks education when and where they need it most. With your help we can make sure all expectant parents know that it’s important to pay attention to their baby’s movements in the third trimester of pregnancy!

A donation of $25 could fill an entire OB office with Count the Kicks educational materials.

A donation of $50 could provide kick counting bracelets to 15 moms who don’t have access to our free app.

A donation of $100 could fill the triage unit of a birthing hospital with Count the Kicks educational materials.

A donation of $500 could allow us to host a booth at a local baby fair, reaching hundreds of expectant parents.

Meet Payton, a GameChanger

Payton Sandfort, a forward for the Iowa Hawkeye Men’s Basketball team, is a GameChanger on and off the court. Hear how this 2023 Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year makes sure every three-point shot supports Count the Kicks.

The Fall Fundraising Campaign is Live!

Get involved as a GameChanger today! Or, donate to support a participant’s fall fundraising campaign!

Get Your Competitive Juices Going.

See where you stand with other athletes and artists. The more you raise, the more you help families in your community! There’s nothing like a little friendly competition for a good cause!

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