When you’re a GAME CHANGER, you’re a life saver.

You Have the Power to CHANGE Lives.

Maybe you’re good at soccer. Your superpower is scoring goals. Maybe you’re a singer and love hitting every high note. Maybe you like to craft and sell your own jewelry. Whatever you’re good at, you can channel that passion into helping families in your community.

GameChangers supports Count the Kicks, a public health program that helps expectant parents learn how to monitor their baby’s movements in the third trimester of pregnancy. Did you know? Research shows movements are an important sign of a baby’s well-being, and that a change in a baby’s movements is often the first or only sign there may be an issue with a pregnancy.

When expectant parents learn about Count the Kicks, they can download the FREE app to count movements and get to know what’s normal for their baby. By doing this, they are empowered to speak up if anything ever changes.

By asking people to support your achievements, the money you raise helps educate and empower even more expectant parents and save lives.

Be a GameChanger

As a GameChanger, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment far greater than your own accomplishments on the field, court or stage.

You’ll make a real difference in other people’s lives just by doing what you already love.