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The start date for a campaign is when your campaign will open for you to begin entering your activity. The system will send you weekly reminders to add your activity once the start date begins. No activity that week? No problem! You can enter activity at any time right up until the end date of your campaign.
The end date is when you will wrap up your activity tracking. You will be prompted to enter any additional activity by your end date.
You can start collecting donations as soon as you create your campaign.
We recommend choosing one campaign season based on the END date. The END date is when your campaign will finalize.

You can start tracking your activity anytime. However, you won’t be able to enter the activity onto your campaign page until your official start date. For example, if you sign up to track how many miles you run during the Spring Campaign, you can start entering your miles beginning on the Spring start date of March 1. If you wish to include miles you ran in February, prior to the official start date, you can, but you will have to wait until the official start date of March 1 to add them to your campaign page.

You were sent a welcome email with a direct link to your page. Log in on the top right, then click the “My Page” tab.

To see all the tools at your disposal, be sure you’re logged in. On your fundraising page, if you see the profile avatar on the top right, you’re logged in. If you see “Sign In” instead, you need to log in.

You can adjust your photos, story, contact info, goals, and more. On a computer, click the “Edit Page” button under the large cover photo. On a phone, click the settings icon at the top, then the black “Edit” button.

To share your fundraiser page with friends and family, use the “Share” button (under your fundraising progress wheel). Choose a social network to share to, or choose “Copy page URL” to copy the link directly to your page.

Go to the “Donors” tab to send pre-written email requests inviting people to donate to your page, track who has donated, and thank your donors.

You can record the activity you perform using the “Activity” tab. You can add comments, photos, or other media, and choose whether to send your update to your donors.

Yes! A key part of successful fundraising is sharing your journey by posting updates to your fundraising page throughout the campaign. Updates help your fundraising efforts build momentum. Upload a photo or video of your recent success. Share a quick thank you message with donors for helping you reach 25%, 50%, or 75% of your goal. Ask your donors to share your page on social media to help spread the word.

To post an update, log in to your fundraising page on the top right of your campaign page. On the Community tab, post an update. You can choose whether the post should be emailed to your donors. (They want to hear from you!)

Donors want to hear from you! Donors get satisfaction from seeing your progress and knowing they are helping you make a difference. Potential donors will see your commitment to the cause and be more likely to support you. In addition to inspiring donors, your updates will also appear in the Community, inspiring other participants to keep moving forward with their campaigns.

Be a GameChanger

As a GameChanger, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment far greater than your own accomplishments on the field, court or stage.

You’ll make a real difference in other people’s lives just by doing what you already love.